IZE, cont. (29)

Wed, 4 Jan 89 20:27:02 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 476. Wednesday, 4 Jan 1989.

Date: Wed, 4 Jan 89 16:14-0500
Subject: IZE (15 lines)

I was very interested in the description of IZE that someone mentioned a while
back; I sent for a demonstration copy, and it strengthened my interest. I am
thinking of using it to manage a very large collection of Wordperfect files
which are frequently revised. The context is a large edition (letters of
Disraeli); I hope eventually to find a management program that will work with
files that begin as mere entries identifying documents (Disraeli's letters)
before they are even transcribed, but which then develop as the editorial work
on the letters proceeds. The files eventually become the camera-ready copy
that is sent to the press. What appeals to me about IZE is that it does not
require the material to be formatted or re-entered according to its needs, and
its flexibility does not require one to anticipate all the uses that will be
made of the textual database that is developed. Are there people who have any
knowledge of IZE that might be relevant to my interest? I would be very happy
to hear from them, or from people who have found other systems that I should
be looking at. M.G. Wiebe, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada K7L 3N6