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Sun, 8 Jan 89 19:26:19 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 484. Sunday, 8 Jan 1989.

(1) Date: Sat, 7 Jan 89 13:11:00 EST (68 lines)
From: Richard Furuta <furuta@mimsy.umd.edu>
Subject: Preliminary Announcement/Electronic Publishing '90

(2) Date: Sat, 7 Jan 89 13:11:00 EST (24 lines)
From: Bernard Rous <ROUS-CR@ACMVM>
Subject: ACM and Hypertext

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Date: Sat, 7 Jan 89 13:11:00 EST
From: Richard Furuta <furuta@mimsy.umd.edu>
Subject: Preliminary Announcement/Electronic Publishing '90

[Taken with thanks from IRList 5.4]

Preliminary Conference Announcement
EP90---Electronic Publishing '90

EP90, an international conference on electronic publishing, document
manipulation, and typography, will be held in mid-September, 1990, in the
Washington, DC area on the campus of the National Institute of Standards and
Technology (formerly the National Bureau of Standards). An associated
exhibition will provide an opportunity for participants to see commercial
and research systems in action. [material omitted]

As with its predecessors, EP90 will adopt a broad definition of
``electronic publishing.'' In short, electronic publishing will be
taken to encompass all aspects of computer-assisted preparation,
presentation, transmittal, storage, and retrieval of documents. The
scope of the conference also includes the design of the related
computer systems, the design of their components, and the theory that
underlies such systems. Both linear and non-linear documents are
appropriate subjects for discussion. The conference definitely will
be oriented to new ideas and techniques, although careful presentation
of important earlier results inadequately described in the open
literature is also appropriate. Papers should present previously
unpublished original research results and should be well-grounded in
experience. A partial list of topics includes:
- Document preparation systems: design, concepts, and experience.
- Document component identification and manipulation.
- Hypertext systems, particularly those that provide additional
insights on the characteristics of these systems.
- Font design and use: design and evaluation of computer-based
tools, techniques and goals, visual issues.
- Representations specialized for electronic display: fonts,
presentations, etc.
- Page description languages.
- Theoretical and algorithmic foundations of document preparation
- Critical analyses of proposed and established international
standards. Experience with standards.
- Managing the complexities introduced by scale. Scaling up
to large documents.
- Hardware-environment issues: Printers, displays, networks,
- Distributed document manipulation systems (in the sense of
distributed processing).
- Specialized documents (e.g., catalogs, programs,
manuals, and proposals), with insight into how they differ from
generic documents.
- Text and document recognition (recognition of physical and/or
logical structure from a printed document).
- Heterogeneous target reader populations (e.g., multi-lingual).
- Application of database technology to document preparation
- Integration of documentation tools with other tools, e.g.,

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should be reported to David Sitman, A79@TAUNIVM, after you
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Date: Sat, 7 Jan 89 13:11:00 EST
From: "Bernard Rous (Associate Director of Publications)" <ROUS-CR@ACMVM>
Subject: ACM and Hypertext

[Taken with thanks from IRList 5.3]

ACM has produced its first hypertext publication called
"Hypertext on Hypertext." (It is available from ACM for
IBM pcs, Macs, Suns and Apollos. For more information call

ACM is now planning to produce a series of hypertext publications.
ACM is looking for vendors who are interested in working with ACM
in a hypertext publishing venture. An rfp has been prepared and is
being mailed out. If you are such a vendor or know of one who would
like to receive the rfp, please let ACM know immediately.

Bernard Rous
Associate Director of Publications
11 West 42 Street
New York, NY 10036
e-mail: Rous-CR at ACMVM.bitnet