Call for reviewers (92)

Tue, 10 Jan 89 20:27:51 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 489. Tuesday, 10 Jan 1989.

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 89 14:45:37 CST
From: Mark Olsen <>

Computers and the Humanities
Call for technical reviewers

As of January 1989, _Computers and the Humanities_ will
increase its publication frequency from 4 to 6 issues a year,
and plans to increase the number of technical reviews it publishes.
Technical reviews cover hardware, software, technical books, and
electronic publications such as CD-ROMs of interest to researchers
and teachers in humanities disciplines. We are looking for
active researchers and teachers in the humanities with experience using
computers in the classroom and for research to review material for
the journal. Prospective reviewers do not have to be programmers
or computing specialists, but should have a good knowledge of
computer applications in the humanities and be able to impart
complex technical issues in a readable fashion.

We are interested in finding reviewers with knowledge
of IBM-PCs, Apple Macintosh, UNIX micro/minis and other computer
systems. Material we hope to review ranges from application packages,
such as full-text retrieval and statistics programs, to compilers,
font generators, specialized hardware, data services, and CD-ROMs.
Technical reviewers typically get to keep the software they
review. Hardware review periods range from 60 to 120 days.

If you are interested in being added to our list of potential
reviewers, please fill out the following form and send it to:

or, if e-mail is not possible, to:

Mark Olsen
ARTFL Project
Romance Languages and Literatures
1050 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Computers and the Humanities
Reviewer Form

*Mailing Address:


(what types of computers do you have access to for review purposes)

(what types of material are you interested in reviewing. Please be
brief: wordproc, full-text, stats, graphics, compilers etc.)

*Software/Hardware/Books you would like to review:

*Research Interests:

*Recent Publications:


If you are sending this by e-mail, please start each category next to the
colon ending the prompt. One line answers to the first 9 questions would
be appreciated. Please avoid using asterisk (*).