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Wed, 11 Jan 89 19:51:41 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 491. Wednesday, 11 Jan 1989.

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 89 14:50:41 EST
From: "Allen Renear, CIS, Brown Univ. 401-863-7312" <ALLEN@BROWNVM>
Subject: Conference Notice

Computing in Foreign Languages and the Humanities
Brown University, Providence, RI
February 17, 1989

[Brief summary of events; explanatory material omitted]

Literary Computing and Literary Criticism: A Case Study in
Applications for Humanists
Joel Goldfield, Associate Professor of French,
Plymouth State College

Teaching Shakespeare with Computers
Rev. Donald Lynch, S.J., Professor of English, Fairfield University

Foreign Language Forum

Navigating a Large Humanities Multimedia Database
Elli Mylonas, Managing Editor of the Perseus Project,
Harvard University

Crossing the Threshold: CAI That Works
Stephen Clausing, Assistant Professor of German, Yale University

Linking the Continents of Knowledge: Expanding the Curriculum with
George Landow, Professor of English, Brown University

Language Learning and Computers: The MacLang Authoring System
Judith Frommer, Professor in Romance Languages and Literature,
Harvard University

CD-Word as a Tool for Biblical Studies
Steven J. DeRose, Researcher, Summer Institute for Linguistics,
Dallas, TX

Software fair; Building tours

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