Kant auf Deutsch (41)

Wed, 11 Jan 89 19:53:39 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 492. Wednesday, 11 Jan 1989.

Date: 11 January 89, 17:48:46 MEZ
From: Gerd Willee 0228 - 73 5620 UPK000 at DBNRHRZ1
Subject: Kant auf Deutsch

There has been a request for Kant-texts in machine readable form.
At our institute we do have most of the work of I. Kant on mag tape and
parts of it on floppy. Only vol. 10 - 13 are still missing, but will be
read on tape within this year.

Available on floppy are vol. 1 - 9, as plain text and preindexed by
WordCruncher as well. All texts are taken from the Akademie-Ausgabe with
the proper references.

The Kant-corpus is available for requests already for many years, a lot
of scholars have submitted requests for text-searches, which is done as
a cost-free service by our institution.

To get the corpus itself or the preindexed versions please write to
Institut fuer angewandte
Kommunikations- und Sprachforschung e.V. (IKS e.V.)
Poppelsdorfer Allee 47
D-5300 Bonn 1.

There you can get further details (especially the conditions of distribution,
the prices, etc.).

I hope that this answer will help the people interested in Kant.


Gerd Willee