scanners, cont. (34)

Fri, 13 Jan 89 22:30:19 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 500. Friday, 13 Jan 1989.

Date: 13-JAN-1989 14:00:45 GMT
From: John Roper <S200@CPC865.EAST-ANGLIA.AC.UK>
Subject: Scanners

OCR Scanners.

We cannot yet respond to Michael Stairs request for OCR scanner
information. However, we currently have an HP Scanjet on order to
evaluate both its hardware and software performance as we have also
been informed that it is the standard by which others are to be judged.
Likewise our interest is in storing and manipulating images possibly for
rescreening rather than desktop publishing. Major problems are the
choice of suitable software and the choice of internal standards of
storage as none seem pre-eminent and many packages are incompatible
with each other. The restricted number of grey scales may be a problem
as may be the resolution of 300dpi.

However from our experience in colour images, we would strongly advise
potential buyers only to believe what they see and can manipulate
themselves and not to believe salesmen, sales leaflets or reports
in magazines. We would also welcome any reports of hard won

John Roper, UEA, Norwich, UK
S200 @ UK.AC.UEA.CPC865