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Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 511. Thursday, 19 Jan 1989.

(1) Date: Wed, 18 JAN 89 10:09:41 GMT (11 lines)
Subject: Danke fuer Kant, aber wo ist St. Cyril?

(2) Date: Wed, 18 Jan 89 13:39 (23 lines)
Subject: WordPerfect 5.0 fonts

(3) Date: Wed, 18 Jan 89 15:08:34 PST (19 lines)
From: (Charles Faulhaber)
Subject: Instructional programs for literary analysis

(4) Date: Wed, 18 Jan 89 20:47:47 PST (36 lines)
Subject: CD-ROM Sublists

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Date: Wed, 18 JAN 89 10:09:41 GMT

Following the very helpful responses I received to my enquiry
about machine-readable Kant in German, I should now like to
put out an APB on St Cyril of Jerusalem (Baptismal,
Pro, Lenten and Mystagogical catecheses), and any texts of John

Many thanks
Judith Proud, Oxford Text Archive
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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 89 13:39
From: Wujastyk (on GEC 4190 Rim-C at UCL) <UCGADKW@EUCLID.UCL.AC.UK>
Subject: WordPerfect 5.0 fonts

I don't use WordPerfect myself (I'm a XyWriter), but everyone around me
does. They are all pleased with their new version, 5.0. However, the
manual says that there are all sorts of fonts and character sets that
can be used with this new version, including a fully accented and
ligatured Greek font. There is also Cyrillic, Multilingual, and many
other very useful looking goodies. *BUT* although reference to all this
stuff is in the WP 5.0 manual, there seems to be no way to implement
it. It may be possible to show the characters on the screen, if you
have a Herc plus or EGA, although we have not had success with an EGA.
But there certainly seem to be no bitmaps of these fonts for various
resolution printers. (300dpi would be an obvious starting point.) I
phoned WP (from the UK!) and they were nice, but useless, and seemed as
puzzled as me about all this. They sent me a letter later, referring
me to SoftCraft and Turbofonts.

Have any other HUMANISTs faced and solved this problem?

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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 89 15:08:34 PST
From: (Charles Faulhaber)
Subject: Instructional programs for literary analysis

I would be very grateful for the names and publishing
data (if the materials are commercial) of programs
along the lines of Richard Rust's LitTerms, i.e.,
programs designed to introduce undergraduates to
basic concepts of literary theory (in any
natural language). Is LitTerms itself
commercially available?

Charles B. Faulhaber
Department of Spanish
UC Berkeley CA 94720
bitnet: ked@ucbgarne
telephone: (415) 642-2107
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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 89 20:47:47 PST
Subject: CD-ROM Sublists

[Republished from the Ibycus-L list. Apologies to those who subscribe
both to Humanist and to Ibycus-L.]

For research by my students and myself into the historical
development of various terms, expressions, collocations, etc.,
I created a sublist of TLG CD-ROM C files containing in rough
chronological order all of the Jewish and Christian authors I was
able to identify on that disk -- about 55 in number (ignoring such
problems as the inclusion of Clement of Rome with the Ps-Clementines
under one rubric). Largely because this overlaps my field of
expertise, it was not a terribly difficult or time consuming task,
and the resulting rewards are significant. If anyone would like the
list to port into the "l" function (create your own list) on their
machine, just say so (send a disk for the file?).

I decided to try to do something similar for the other Greek authors
on the disk -- e.g. to have a list of 3rd century BCE authors, etc.
This proved extremely time consuming, partly because of the bulk of
them, partly because to use the "l" option, the list needed to be
correct in relation to what was on the CD-ROM -- that is, I couldn't
simply extract from the Canon files the relevant authors, since if
the author was not yet on the CD-ROM, the "l" option would not
accept the list. (If anyone is interested, I can describe the
procedures by which I extracted the pertinent names from the Canon.)

Thus my plea. Has anyone -- including TLG -- done a chronologically
arranged list of the CD-ROM C authors, or significant subsets thereof,
that would be available to us users. If not, would any of you enter
into a cooperative agreement with us to divide the task up and to
produce such lists? I think that I could make such a list for, say,
the 3rd century BCE (on which I was working last night) in about
three hours, knowing now what I have learned by trying. Any suggestions
or solutions or volunteers are welcome!

Bob Kraft (CCAT)