Macs on foreign power, cont. (19)

Mon, 23 Jan 89 19:01:26 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 523. Monday, 23 Jan 1989.

Date: Monday, 23 January 1989 1111-EST
From: Terry Harpold, University of Pennsylvania (tharpold@penndrls)
Subject: Mac & power overseas

Just a note to add to to the recent discussion on using the Mac
overseas. Re.: using the Apple printers with overseas voltage. The
ImageWriter II will NOT work with non-American voltage, but the older,
ImageWriter I DOES. (You can get one of these used, for a pretty good
price--if you're in the 'States, try Sun Remarketing). I don't know
about the LaserWriters--have to check my manuals when I get home.