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Mon, 30 Jan 89 20:57:27 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 543. Monday, 30 Jan 1989.

Date: 30 January 1989
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: trends in the distribution of Humanist's mail

Those of you who have looked through the most recent supplement to the
biographies will have noticed an entry for "Humanists at Brown". Not
uncommonly, though often less extensively than at Brown University, mail
from Humanist is being received by a single address at a given
university or research centre and distributed from there to local
subscribers. Such redistribution has been going on for some time at a
few sites, but in the last few weeks the trend seems to have
accelerated. I am not certain what this will mean for Humanist, but it
makes good sense for the economical use of our costly resources. This
seems good enough reason for me to encourage groups of Humanists, where
possible, to request the facilities for redistribution from their
computing centres.

Since the biographies have proven so useful, however, I would ask that
each such group send in a "biography" for that group and that active
members still be asked to send in their own. I will depend on the
organizer at each site to see that new members comply with this our only
requirement for membership. From time to time I would also like to
receive from these groups some words about their activities in
humanities computing, should anything of interest be happening there.
Some notion of how Humanist is being used in the classroom, in research,
or otherwise would also be welcome.

Thank you so much for contributing to the development of our fascinating
experiment in communication.

Willard McCarty