database management systems, cont. (35)

Mon, 30 Jan 89 21:01:21 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 545. Monday, 30 Jan 1989.

Date: 30 Jan 89 08:13
From: david tomlinson <>
Subject: dbms

In reply to Lou Burnard's query let me note that four commercial database/
textbase programs get use in the English Department at the Naval Academy.

1. A third of the 38 member department use a free-form database program
to track appointments, writing deadlines and ephemeral information. The
program, MemoryMate, is published by Broderbund and retails at about $50.
It searches each database it creates using Boolean logic. It is fast,
completing a search at the rate of 2 megabytes a second. For those of us
who need a simple way to keep records, this program suffices.

2. The ARNOLDIAN, a thrice-yearly publication edited by members of the
Department, uses Lotus SYMPHONY for its mailing list and subscription

3. The Writing Center, an arm of the Department offering tutorial assistance
to students, keeps the records of its sessions on D-Base III.

4. A number of Department members use the Textbase portion of Nota Bene to
keep track of their research. The program catalogues key words; or, if the
user wishes, all but the most common words in all passages of a text. The
program can then count the number of times an individual word is used, ex-