dbms and exotica? (33)

Wed, 1 Feb 89 19:07:25 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 550. Wednesday, 1 Feb 1989.

Date: 1 February 1989
From: Maurizio Lana <u245@itocsip>
Subject: dbms and exotica

Maurizio Lana
CISI - Universita' di TORINO
Via S. Ottavio, 20
TEL. 011/837262
Date 1 febbraio 1989

[The following query was send to me by Maurizio Lana. Please reply
directly to him at the address given below. --W.M.]

Do you know of any DBMS program which can print reports in
exotic alphabets (that is, greek and linguistic)? Or of any way of filtering
output of report to the printer so that one can add formatting controls
to some sections of the report? I know that Lettrix can do something
like this in conjunction with DB III, but i'd like to know your opinion
about the whole matter.
Thank you.
Maurizio (u245@itocsip)