Humbul (89)

Wed, 1 Feb 89 19:16:29 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 552. Wednesday, 1 Feb 1989.

Date: 1-FEB-1989 16:19:06 GMT
Subject: Information about HUMBUL, as requested

[The following report on Humbul I requested from May Katzen, its
founding mother, guiding light, and energetic editor. Since Humbul has
become easily accessible to people outside the UK, it should now
be of great interest to Humanists wherever they may live. --W.M.]

HUMBUL is an online bulletin board which contains up-to-date
information about all aspects of the applications of
computers to the humanities. It is run by the Office for
Humanities Communication at the University of Leicester in
the UK. and is mounted on the VAXcluster at Leicester.
It is a dedicated service, which provides current
information on the use of computer-based techniques in
the Arts and Humanities in the UK and abroad. It contains
information of general interest, as well as information
targeted to specific user groups, eg the Association for
History and Computing, the Music Research Digest, the
Archaeological Information Exchange, the Association for
Literary and Linguistic Computing, and so on.

HUMBUL was designed to be easy to use. The information
it contains is divided into a number of files and sub-files,
all of which are listed on the main menu. The underlying
structure of HUMBUL enables the user to move about through
this electronic newsletter somewhat in the way a reader
browses through a printed publication.

There are now two ways of accessing the information on HUMBUL:

1. HUMBUL files are available via the JANET network,
which provides direct terminal access to users.
For users on JANET, the network call address is:


Alternatively, HUMBUL may be accessed by calling the
following JANET number:


To use HUMBUL you need direct terminal access to JANET.
This is not available via BITNET or EARN. However,
those without direct terminal access to JANET have
two alternative means of access to HUMBUL:

by dial-up telephone, or via public data networks.

If you would like to access HUMBUL in this way,
please send an e-mail message to MAY@UK.AC.LEICESTER
and the relevant details will be sent to you.

2. A new method of accessing HUMBUL is now available
using electronic mail.

HUMBUL files are stored on a computer at the
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Every time new
information is mounted on HUMBUL, all those
on a distribution list are sent an e-mail message
briefly describing the content. The information
can then be downloaded onto the user's own
terminal via a LISTSERV. If you are on EARN or BITNET,
and would like to join this distribution list, send
a one line message to:


containing the single line:

SUB HUMBUL your name

Users who are on JANET should use the address:


If you decide to join the distribution list, please send a
message to MAY@UK.AC.LEICESTER , so that the information
on how to use the LISTSERV can be sent to you.