Micro-OCP workshops; symposium in Portugal (122)

Thu, 2 Feb 89 20:10:15 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 556. Thursday, 2 Feb 1989.

(1) Date: Thu, 2 FEB 89 10:11:05 GMT (71 lines)
Subject: Micro-OCP Workshops

(2) Date: Thu, 02 Feb 89 18:03:26 IST (31 lines)
From: marcelo dascal <DASCAL@TAUNIVM>
Subject: symposium in portugal

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Date: Thu, 2 FEB 89 10:11:05 GMT
Subject: Micro-OCP Workshops


6 and 11 April 1989

Micro-OCP is the IBM PC implementation of the Oxford Concordance
Program (OCP) which produces word lists, indexes and concordances from
texts in a variety of languages and alphabets. It is suitable for
many applications in languages, literature and social sciences.

The workshops will give an overview of the applications of Micro-OCP
and show how different Micro-OCP commands can be used. The major
features of the program will be covered in the day and there will be
an opportunity for practical work. The workshops will also be
suitable for users of the mainframe version of OCP.

The workshops will be held on 6 and 11 April 1989 at Oxford University
Computing Service, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford.


10.15 Arrival and Coffee

10.45 - 12.45 Overview of Micro-OCP and its
applications. Use of the options
available in the commands construction

12.45 - 2.15 Lunch

2.15 - 3.45 Advanced usage. Additional commands
obtainable via the commands editor.

3.45 Tea and departure

An elementary knowledge of MS-DOS will be assumed.

Workshop tutors: Susan Hockey and Stephen Miller

The cost of each workshop including documentation, lunch, coffee and
tea will be

30 pounds Academic 50 pounds Non-academic

The academic rate applies to students and staff of recognised
educational institutions.

For further information and a registration form, please contact the OCP

Mrs. Lindsey Mills
Oxford University Computing Service
13 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6NN

Telephone: O865-273265

The final date for registrations is 22 March 1989.

Copies of this notice and a registration form are being sent to all
purchasers of Micro-OCP and site representatives for mainframe OCP
within the UK.

Please note that payment must be made with the registration form.
Cheques must be made payable to Oxford University Computing Service.

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Date: Thu, 02 Feb 89 18:03:26 IST
From: marcelo dascal <DASCAL@TAUNIVM>
Subject: symposium in portugal

[The following announcement of a symposium has been sent to me
for posting. It has been extracted from a slightly longer note.
Thus the initial fragment. W.M.]

.... one such symposium, to be held in September in Lisbon. The title is
"Communication, Meaning, and Knowledge in the Age of Information
Technology". It is co-sponsored by the Portuguese Association for the
Development of Communication (A.P.D.C.) and the Portuguese Society of
Philosophy (SPF). The dates are Sept. 13-15, 1989. Abstracts of
suggested papers should be sent to engineer Maria R. Prata Dias/ Rua
Tomas Ribeiro, 41 - 8., 1000 Lisboa, Portugal.

Three sections are planned: 1. epistemology and cognitive
systematization of the models of communication, artificial
intelligence and computation. 2. advanced communication
technology; ai and computing systems in education. 3. advanced
communication technology; ai, computers and robotics: historical
perspective, prospective trends, cultural and social impact.
Each section will have an opening session by a guest lecturer,
commented by another invited guest. There will then be working
sessions, with the contributions by the participants. The threefold
division does not exclude other possible topics, relevant to the
general aim of the symposium which is to bring together engineers,
computing and communication specialists, educators, and philosophers
in an interdisciplinary spirit.

Prof. Marcelo Dascal, Tel Aviv University.