new program for TLG and PHI/CCAT CD-ROMs (53)

Sun, 5 Feb 89 17:24:14 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 561. Sunday, 5 Feb 1989.

Date: Fri, 3 Feb 89 15:42:17 PST
From: 6500rms@UCSBUXA.BITNET

I have just completed work on a computer program which I think
may be of interest to some members of HUMANIST. I have written a
search program for use with the TLG CD-ROM #C and the PHI/CCAT
Latin CD. This is only a first version, and there are still a
few flaky things in it, but I think it works well enough that it
may be of some use to people who have one or both of these CD's.
The program works with all the texts on the TLG CD, but only with
the Latin texts on the PHI/CCAT CD.

The hardware requirements are an IBM compatible computer w/512K
memory (I use an AT clone, though an XT clone or a 386 based
computer should work as well), a hard disk, an EGA card (to
display Greek), and any CD player with High Sierra device
drivers. The program searches the texts for either words or
phrases, or two words near each other in the text. The output
can be references alone (e.g., Plato Symposium 184e2) or include
context as well. Greek context is displayed in accented Greek
characters on an EGA, printed on a Toshiba 351 printer, or placed
into a Nota Bene SLS file. (Note: for those without any of the
above devices, Greek may be printed in Roman characters using TLG
Beta Code.) Source code is included with program so that changes
and improvements can be made. I only ask that I be kept informed
of any changes to the code so that I can keep the program under

I do not charge for the program, though I am compelled by our
administration to ask for $10 to cover disks and postage. If you
would like a copy of the program, please specify whether you
would prefer 3.5" or 5.25" disks. I do not have a Macintosh
version available, though I would be interested in someone
performing such a conversion. The whole program, except for some
video drivers, which I think are included in the Mac's toolbox,
is written in C, so it should be an easy conversion for an
experienced Mac programmer, which I am not. My address is:

Randall M. Smith
Department of Classics
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
(805) 961-3556
E-mail: 6500rms@ucsbuxa.bitnet