Info-Mac, cont. (25)

Wed, 8 Feb 89 23:36:14 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 577. Wednesday, 8 Feb 1989.

Date: 08 Feb 89 13:44 -0330
From: <dgraham@mun.bitnet>
Subject: Info-Mac archives

Bitnet users will, I assume, be unable to ftp material from Stanford
in the way that Richard Pierce describes. The Info-Mac archives have
traditionally been echoed at Princeton as MACSERVE@PUCC (and at other
sites on Bitnet and elsewhere), but this ground to a halt when
the Stanford archives were moved to a new Unix box in January. I
am assured by the moderators of the Info-Mac distribution list that
they are in communication with Princeton and the other sites and that
this problem should be solved fairly soon, but in the meantime it may
be faster to write to Aarseth if you want his programme and if you
can't send e-mail to his address.

David Graham