where we are (47)

Thu, 9 Feb 89 21:49:49 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 579. Thursday, 9 Feb 1989.

Date: Thu, 09 Feb 89 15:49:12 CST
From: Steven J. DeRose <D106GFS@UTARLVM1>
Subject: Distribution by country

Here is a list of the countries we come from, derived from the
biography database. Please insert lengthy caveat about incomplete
data.... I did some regularizing, but in general did not even
try to regularize things like GB vs. UK which might reflect
significant personal or other preferences of the members.
(Thanks to Allen Renear for suggesting making this list).

Steve DeRose

158: USA
59: Canada
39: UK
10: Israel
6: England
5: GB
3: Belgium
3: France
3: Norway
2: Denmark
2: Finland
2: Northern Ireland
2: Spain
1: FRG
1: Ireland
1: Italia
1: NL
1: Scotland
1: Sweden

[Those who have joined Humanist recently, such as the Austrian, the
Icelander, and the few additional members from the Federal
Republic of Germany and from Finland, should know that the data
available to Steve DeRose does not include their biographies. Humanist
changes too quickly for any such table to be entirely accurate. --W.M.]