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Thu, 9 Feb 89 22:01:02 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 582. Thursday, 9 Feb 1989.

(1) Date: Thu, 9 Feb 89 09:59:03 EST (55 lines)
From: Johnfox@RCN
Subject: BA History Program

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From: Joseph Raben <JQRBH@CUNYVM>
Subject: Hamlet or Lear in electronic form?

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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 89 09:59:03 EST
From: Johnfox@RCN
Subject: BA History Program

The Curriculum Committee of the Department of History,
Salem State College, Salem, Massachusetts, is reviewing the
undergraduate history program and would appreciate
information regarding programs at other institutions.

We offer a B.A. in history and a B.S. in applied
history. The latter has two tracks: pre-legal or public

Students in the B.A. program must complete 36 credit
hours. The core curriculum of 24 hours consist of
Development of U.S. History I & II, Problems in American
History, American Economic History, History of Latin
America, History of the Far East, History of the Middle
East, and Russian History. Students may substitute one
other history course for a core course. The remaining 12
hours are history electives. There is no senior paper
required nor must students take a course in historiography
or historical research and writing.

Background on Salem State College: It is a member of the
Massachusetts State College System and is under the
jurisdiction of Massachusetts Board of Regents. Founded in
1854, it is the largest of the nine state colleges with an
enrollment of @ 5000 full time students and @ 3000 part time
students in the division of continuing education. It
evolved from a normal school to a teachers college to a
multi-faceted college.

Background on the Department of History: The department has
16 full time faculty members and several part timers who
teach over-load sections of required world civilization.
The majority of the full time faculty are American
historians. It is fair to say that the staffing of the
department was developed without a great deal of thought.
The full time faculty is 100% tenured. We have not added a
new full time member in 16 years. Half of the faculty do
not have the Ph:d. Most are not professionally active. The
mean age of the department is 52 years. At present we have
85 majors. During the past three years the number of majors
has increased by about 5 to 8 a year. Early admission
figures seem to indicate this trend will continue. Most of
our B.A. majors are interested in going on to do full time
graduate study. It is the desire to adequately prepare them
for graduate work that is motivating the curriculum
committee's study of the program.

John J. Fox
Department of History

Bitnet: John Fox@Taylor.Rcc.Rcn.Edu
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Date: Thu, 09 Feb 89 10:58:13 EST
From: Joseph Raben <JQRBH@CUNYVM>
Subject: Hamlet or Lear in electronic form?

I am thinking out a contribution to the fuzzy-matching discussion, which I
hope to send you before long. In the meantime, I'd like to post a general query
about the availability of a complete Shakespeare play, preferably HAMLET or
LEAR. I want to try some analysis with my excellent and varied group of faculty
in our development seminar, but the materials I got with Word Cruncher are not
appropriate. Perhaps someone on the HUMANIST network can help me.