ranging the chingers (32)

Tue, 21 Feb 89 19:43:56 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 632. Tuesday, 21 Feb 1989.

Date: Tuesday, 21 February 1989 0846-EST
Subject: jargon

Overheard somewhere offline:
So Sebastian Rahtz' wife is a bell-ringer! Does he have to parade
it so publicly among those of us who may be less fortunate? As for
computerized assistance for achieving such matches, I have heard
mixed reports. Electronic matchups may work for some, but seem
to be busts for others.

The idea of change-ringing in the UK is fascinating, although I
imagine it was even more challenging before the coinage was decimalized
some years ago. My suspicion is that the haypenny and the maxipenny
really clunked when one attempted to chime them, and the thrupenny bit,
with all those sides and angles (not to mention thickness) just
couldn't produce a decent tone. But the bigger, silver pieces and the
tiny sixpenny bit may have made beautiful music. On the other hand,
I doubt that HUMANISTs are the ones most likely to be doing it --
unless one argues that the lack of folding money implies the
presence of large amounts of change.

A.Nonny Mus