CLV and CAV video disks (26)

Thu, 23 Feb 89 00:25:29 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 637. Thursday, 23 Feb 1989.

Date: Wednesday, 22 February 1989 1042-EST
Subject: video disks

How to order video discs?

I have been asked recently by several subscribers to humanists
for my source for CLV and CAV video discs. My major supplier
is Sight and Sound in Waltham, MA (617 894-8633):

Sight and Sound
85 River St., Suite 5
Waltham, MA 02154-8304 USA

I have also used Wall to Wall Sound and Video in Ardmore, PA.
This local record store has just gotten into video discs and
has a fair collection of opera and music videos.