discussions of music (62)

Fri, 24 Feb 89 22:05:22 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 643. Friday, 24 Feb 1989.

Date: Fri, 24 Feb 89 13:27:00 EST
From: Stephen Page <sdpage@prg.oxford.ac.uk>
Subject: The Music-Research Digest

In vol 2 no 630 of the Humanist digest, there was an enquiry about a mailing
list called MUSIC-L.

I know nothing of such a list - and would be very interested to hear of
it - but there is one called the Music-Research Digest, of which I am
the moderator and Brad Rubenstein (Sun Microsystems, CA) is the US

I enclose below an extract of our standard list description, which I ask
subscribers and potential subscribers to note carefully, as it excludes
some subject areas which tend to clog traffic.

Requests for addition to the list should be sent to me at
music-research-request@prg.oxford.ac.uk (Internet address)
music-research-request%prg.oxford.ac.uk@nss.cs.ucl.ac.uk (old form)
We also maintain - thanks to the generosity of our host systems'
administrators - file servers in the UK and US which will mail out back issues
and a few other relevant documents.

- - - - -

The Music-Research electronic mail redistribution list was established after a
suggestion made at a meeting in Oxford in July 1986, to provide an effective
and fast means of bringing together musicologists, music analysts, computer
scientists, and others working on applications of computers in music research.
As with any forum for discussion, there are certain subject areas which are of
particular interest to the group of people on this list. Initially, the list
was established for people whose chief interests concern computers and their
applications to

- music representation systems
- information retrieval systems for musical scores
- music printing
- music analysis
- musicology and ethnomusicology
- tertiary music education

The following areas are not the principal concern of this list, although
overlapping subjects may well be interesting:

- primary and secondary education
- sound generation techniques
- composition

This restriction on subject matter has recently been reaffirmed: many readers
asked the Moderator to reject articles on electronic music, and especially
electronic musical instruments (MIDI, synthesizers, "how do I make the frobnyx
box work on my Commodore 12399XL+??", and so on). Such areas are covered
elsewhere in the electronic mail and network world.