386-review; topical collections; job advert (132)

Tue, 28 Feb 89 19:35:58 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 660. Tuesday, 28 Feb 1989.

(1) Date: Tuesday, 28 February 1989 0908-EST (20 lines)
Subject: DOS 386-based Systems Review

(2) Date: 28 February 1989 (49 lines)
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: topical collections on Humanist

(3) Date: Tue, 28 Feb 89 10:32:37 EST (11 lines)
From: Mark Sacks <AP02@IBM.LIVERPOOL.AC.UK>
Subject: Philosophy Lectureship

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Date:(4) Tuesday, 28 February 1989 0908-EST (26 lines)
Subject: DOS 386-based Systems Review

The Computing Resource Center at Penn publishes a Bulletin
called PENN PRINTOUT every month or so, and in the past has
agreed to supply copies to outsiders on request. The current
issue (February 1989, vol. 5.6) headlines a comparison of
eight 386-based DOS machines that may be of interest to some
HUMANISTs. Seven of them are given benchmark tests for speed,
with Dell, Compaq, and AST leading the pack in that order
(20 MHz), followed by HP, Zenith, IBM, and AT&T from the
16 MHz class. The Sun 386i/250 is also reviewed, although not
included in the benchmark tests since it would be inappropriate
to do so.

Contact Computing Resource Center, U.Penn, 1202 Blockley Hall,
Philadelphia PA 19104-6021 for further information.

Bob Kraft (CCAT)
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Date: 28 February 1989
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: topical collections on Humanist

For the past several months I have been accumulating Humanist's mail and
sorting it by general topic. Thanks to a routine written by Michael
Sperberg-McQueen (without whom, not), I am now able to offer these
topical collections, with the headers appropriately simplified, on the
file-server. Each collection is given as clear a filename as 8
characters will allow and a filetype that contains the characters TOPIC-
followed by a volume number. As an initial offering, I have put the
following on the file-server. More will come as time permits.

ALLUSION TOPIC-1 characteristics of textual allusions
ALLUSION TOPIC-2 and methods for finding them by
ALLUSION TOPIC-3 use of computers

BIBSYS TOPIC-1 bibliographical and reference systems

CALL TOPIC-1 computer-assisted language learning

HUMCOMP TOPIC-1 humanities computing

None of these have been altered since initial publication, nor have I
edited the collections at all, other than to add an explanatory header.
Items in the collections are sometimes out of order, and collections
themselves sometimes fragmentary. I apologize for this sloppiness,
but time does not permit much careful work. As a result, the
outpourings from Humanist remain purely conversational.

With a very few exceptions I have not bothered to save notes either
requesting or giving information as such. Seldom do these have
continuity, and in any case the daily logbooks remain. What I have saved
are discussions of topics and issues, the debates in which, to my mind,
Humanist's genius is clearest. One exception is the very long series of
exchanges over optical scanners and software. The amount of interest in
these is really quite remarkable.

I am limiting the file-size of each volume to about 500 lines or less.
Thus the series on allusions takes up 3 files, that on bibliographical
systems only 1. In the future I plan to issue a collection when its
topic has grown dormant, so that file-size will vary accordingly.

As always, your comments and suggestions will be most welcome.

Willard McCarty
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Date: Tue, 28 Feb 89 10:32:37 EST
From: Mark Sacks <AP02@IBM.LIVERPOOL.AC.UK>
Subject: Philosophy Lectureship

I have been asked by colleagues at the University of Sheffield to bring
the following job announcement to the attention of all HUMANISTs, who
might want to pass it on to other non-HUMANIST philosophers.

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Applications are invited for the post of full-time Lecturer in
Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at the University of
Sheffield. The post is tenable from 1st September 1989.

The successful applicant will be expected to have a broad range of
philosophical interests, to possess teaching ability in a number of
philosophical fields, to be active in research and publication, to
contribute effectively to the administrative work of the Department, and
to be capable of presenting the subject to non-specialists in other
departments and faculties in the University. Candidates with research
and teaching interests in any central area of philosophy are invited to
apply. Preference may, however, be given to those with expertise in
social and political philosophy.

Further enquiries may be directed in writing to Dr. D.A. Bell,
Department of Philosophy, The University, Sheffield S10 2TN; or by
phone, to 0742-768555 (ext. Philosophy).

Official application forms are not provided. Applicants should send a
full curriculum vitae, including information about their qualifications,
fields of interest, teaching experience, publications, and plans for
research, together with the names and addresses of three referees, to
the Registrar and Secretary (Staffing), The University, Sheffield S10
2TN, by 17th March 1989.