reading list for "Dominion" (28)

Mon, 6 Mar 89 19:53:21 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 678. Monday, 6 Mar 1989.

Date: Sun, 5 Mar 89 12:27:45 EST
From: Laura Moye <GC2@BROWNVM>
Subject: reading list for "Dominion over all the Earth"

Sorry, no books for you but I do want to point something out. Your subtitle
has something to do with anthropocentrism. Shouldn't you think twice about
starting out with only western texts. I understand your time is limited but,
for instance, when I read your posting I first thought not of Plato but of
Chinese culture and its brand of anthropocentrism. Curious that a course spec.
on anthropocentrism would stick to western texts.
I know it is difficult, as you are already feeling like 13 weeks is an
impossibly short period of time to cover all that you wish to cover, but perhap
s you should either change the title of the course to "Dominion Over All the
Earth: A Western Perspective," or broaden your early readings. For example,
it would be extremely interesting to find out what Chinese scholars were saying
about dominion over all the earth, or Indian scholars, who were writing way
before we were anyway.
Other than this, I much admire the course, it sounds like a good one and
something well worth considering. Hope it goes well.