LCD projectors, cont. (37)

Wed, 8 Mar 89 19:39:18 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 687. Wednesday, 8 Mar 1989.

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 89 14:33:32 EST
From: elli@harvunxw.BITNET (Elli Mylonas)
Subject: LCD projectors

There are several of these LCD displays on the market. MacUser had a
grespectable survey of the Macintosh ones in the January a989
issue. My personal experience and that of others I know have
used this is that the Kodak Datashow has the best image quality over
time--image quality tends to change when the panel heats up--and that
it also is better than average in quick update of screen changes.
The LCD screens are always a little slow in updating, so for example
rapid cursor or mouse movements may not be visible to the audience,
and many of us use the cursor or the mouse as a pointing device on the
display screen.
To use an LCD panel on the Mac, you need to get the panel and the card that
drives it. This is easy to install on the SE or the II (but a different
card is necessary for each machine), not so easy on a Plus, since a hole
has to poked in the case, and it has not card slot. One word of warning,
some of the software that comes with these screens treats them as if
they were a second monitor on the Mac, and do not just reproduce the
image on the actualy computer monitor. This means that the lecturer
has to figure out what her primary screen (one with the menu bar is), and
to be able to view only the projected image, not the screen image.
I have also seen LCD projection screens used with DOS machines. It seems
that you can buy two cards, one for the PC and one for the Mac, and use
the same actual LCD display for both machines.

-Elli Mylonas (