Online Notes, January 1989 (90)

Thu, 9 Mar 89 20:27:31 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 694. Thursday, 9 Mar 1989.

Date: Thursday, 9 March 1989 1418-EST
Subject: Online Notes, January 1989



After some initial shipping problems, we finally received
ONLINE COMPUTER PRODUCT's DMA board for sound digitization.
This board can work with both InfoWindows and MS Windows
on a PS/2 system, Models 50 or 60. We have been testing the
board and the software editor for a month now and are
incorporating the use of the board first into the CINEMA
project for language acquisition.

We remain impressed with the board, though the software editor
is a rather weak product. But to the credit of this company,
they did provide us with "C" code necessary to operate the
board outside their generally worthless editor.

What follows is the company's description of the board.

The DSA-340 card provides audio editing, recording and
playback capabilities for IBM PS/2 Micro Channel computers.
The DSA-340 mixes recorded audio with external sources. The
card has two inputs for mixing and recording and two outputs
for high impedance and speaker/headphone. Audio files can
be recorded directly from cassette, reel-to-reel, or
microphone with preamplifier.

Online's software drivers access record and playback
features in real time for memory, hard disk, floppy disk,
CD-ROM or WORM storage.

The software selectable sampling rates provide different
storage or audio quality requirements used in information
delivery system.

In playback mode the DSA-340 can dynamically change data
rates to allow contiguous playback in any sequence of audio
files recorded at different rates.

The board features a 2K byte FIFO buffer which stores output
audio data. The DMA and interrupt multitasking capabilities
of the DSA-340 give greater flexibility and eliminate the
need for large on-board memory buffering.

For audio development Online's mouse-driven Studio PC Audio
Editor lets you create, edit and catalog libraries of
phrases for use in your application programs.

For more information contact:

Online Products Corporation
20251 Century Blvd.
Germantown, Maryland 20874

(301) 428-3700
(800) 922-9204

Telex : 3746439
FAX : (301) 428-2903


Back issues of the Online Notes for 1985 through 1988 are
available. Send your request to JACKA @ PENNDRLS.


Three films will be used this month in CINEMA
by Penn students in German and French conversation
classes: Das Boot, Die Blechtrommel and Tirez sur le pianiste.

If you would like to receive a printed description of the
CINEMA project, send me a non-electronic address to which
I can post the description. My address is: JACKA @ PENNDRLS.