Gramcord, Ibycus, French Bibles (41)

Mon, 13 Mar 89 19:43:32 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 717. Monday, 13 Mar 1989.

Date: Mon, 13 Mar 89 09:11:00 EST
Subject: Gramcord, Ibycus, French Bibles

As a user of both GRAMCORD and Ibycus let me add a comment for
Duane Harbin. John Hurd has given a brief description of the
former -- perhaps a trifle over-optimistic. On my version
at least one cannot find 'all the genitive absolutes'. All
one can do is to write a program (no front-end to make it
user-friendly, tho' the form of the program is not bit PASCAL-like)
to pick out all situations where a NOUN in the genitive is
in agreement (number and gender) with a PARTICIPLE in the
genitive, within so many words of each other; and only in
the same sentence. One can then repeat this for, say, a PRONOUN
or an ADJECTIVE. There are no booleans, you cannot remove
all genitives following prepositions, and the thing is order-dependant.
There is no category of SUBSTANTIVE. So a search for Genitive
Absolutes is a tedious job! There are also a number of other
constraints. You may be able to get over some of them by hacking
into the text with your own search software, but again the
text is not particularly user-friendly. The PHI CD plus Ibycus
allows similar searches on the morphologically- analysed Frieberg
text of the NT and is ever so much simpler to use; but each allows
particular searches not possible in the other (not with the current
software, anyway).

As far as Bibles go (especially in French), who would know better
than the secretariat of the AIBI, at Maredsous?

Douglas de Lacey,
Cambridge UK