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Tue, 14 Mar 89 20:00:11 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 721. Tuesday, 14 Mar 1989.

(1) Date: Mon, 13 Mar 89 22:30:03 EST (21 lines)
From: Joseph Raben <JQRBH@CUNYVM>
Subject: Electronic Scholars Resource Guide

(2) Date: Mon, 13 Mar 89 15:49:11 PST (35 lines)
From: kproddy@ucdavis.BITNET (Earl H. Kinmonth)
Subject: Books to Review

(3) Date: Mon, 13 Mar 89 10:25 MST (42 lines)
From: "David Owen, Philosophy, University of Arizona"
Subject: Locke and Electronic Texts in Philosophy

(4) Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1989 16:36 EST (90 lines)
From: Terry Harpold <tharpold@penndrls>
Subject: Wheels for the Mind

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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 89 22:30:03 EST
From: Joseph Raben <JQRBH@CUNYVM>
Subject: Electronic Scholars Resource Guide

The ELECTRONIC SCHOLARS RESOURCE GUIDE is nearing completion and should
be in print very soon. Any group using computers in any aspect of humanities
research and not already included is invited to submit data about itself.
The categories in which information has been organized are:

1. Country 9. Major activities 18. Medium
2. (n/a) 10. Hardware used 19. Newsletters
3. Official name 11. Software used 20. Staff publications
of facility 12. Software developed 21. Keywords for index
4. Postal address 13. Networks used 22. Databases
5. Parent organization 14. Bulletin boards maintained 23. Personal names
6. Name of director 15. Databases developed 24. Software
7. Telephone number 16. Databases imported 25. Brochures available
8. Other personnel 17. Access to databases

This information can sent via Bitnet to Marianne Gaunt <gaunt@zodiac>, who
can also answer questions about the questionnaire.
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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 89 15:49:11 PST
From: kproddy@ucdavis.BITNET (Earl H. Kinmonth)
Subject: Books to Review

The following books have come into my hands for review in
*Computers and the Humanities*:

Sven Naumann. *Generalisierte Phrasenstrukturgrammatik: Parsingstrategien,
Regelorganisation und Unifikation.* Linguistische Aribeiten, 212

Jack Kulas, James Fetzer, Terry Rankin. *Philosophy, Language, and
Artificial Intelligence* (Kluwer).

Stephen Grauber, ed. *The Artificial Intelligence Debate: False Starts,
Real Foundations* (MIT)

Dan Maxwell, Klaus Schubert, Toon Williams, ed. *New Directions in
Machine Translation* (FORIS).

Theo Bongaerts, Pieter de Haan, Sylvia Lobbe, Herman Wekker, eds.
*Computer Applications in Language Learning* (FORIS).

Keith Cameron. *Computer Assisted Language Learning* (ABLEX).

Edward Barrett, ed. *Text, ConText, and HyperText: Writing with and
for the Computer* (MIT).

If you are interested in reviewing any of these books, and can do so
within six weeks, please contact me for the appropriate protocol.

Kevin Roddy, Book Review Editor, CHum
Medieval Studies, UCD
Davis, California, 95616 USA
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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 89 10:25 MST
From: "David Owen, Philosophy, University of Arizona"
Subject: Locke and Electronic Texts in Philosophy

Subject: Locke and Electronic Texts in Philosophy

In response to Susan Hockey's request for information regarding an
electronic version of the works of John Locke:

The American Philosophical Association Committee on Computer Use in
Philosophy has decided to tackle the problem of the creation and
distribution of philosophical electronic texts in a centralized and
organized manner, rather than relying on ad hoc projects. As a first
step, they have formed a Subcommittee on Electronic Texts in
Philosophy, which will soon officially announce its goals and

Jumping the gun a little, may I say that a first step will be the
gathering and collation of information concerning all currently
available philosophical texts in electronic form, as well as
information concerning the status of current projects. We hope to
provide a liaison for future projects, in order to avoid duplication
of effort and maximal ease of access to the resultant electronic
texts. So may I here ask, before the official announcement, from those
involved, for any information concerning completed, current, and
future projects?

Jumping the gun a little more (and to get back to Susan's particular
question), I am currently trying to get a project off the ground (ie I
am trying to get money) that will involve getting the works of Locke
available in electronic form. This will require the cooperation of the
OUP who publish the Clarendon edition of Locke's works. If anyone is
already involved in the creation of an electronic version of any of
Locke's works, or would be interested in co-operating in this current
project, I hope they will get in touch.

David Owen
Dept of Philosophy,
University of Arizona,
Tucson, Arizona 85721
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Date: Tuesday, 14 March 1989 1610-EST
Subject: Wheels for the Mind

I'm passing on the following call for articles for Chris Kim.

If you're unfamiliar with _Wheels for the Mind_--apart from the
information you'll get from the description below--it's a more or less
informal publication with articles, notes, queries on Macintosh
applications in academia. The topics covered are broadly defined--just
about anything doen on a Mac, and the spirit of the writing is friendly,
open. Kind of a paper equivalent of the sort of dialog that you might
see on a good BBS--or maybe (?) Humanist. Wheels is published by Apple,
but it does _not_ contain advertisements by Apple or other companies.
Chris tells me that they're trying to increase their visibility. It's a
good place to get information about your project or ideas out to peers
who may not have access to forums like Humanist.

_Wheels for the Mind_
Call for Articles

It's time for the next issue of _Wheels for the Mind_. Wheels is a
quarterly publication produced by Apple Computer and Boston College,
highlighting Macintosh solutions in academia.

Wheels was originally begun as an informal exchange of information for
faculty who had developed software and programs for the Mac. Today,
Wheels offers in-depth articles on projects developed by faculty and
students and administrators from universities around the world. Wheels
is divided into the following sections:

Focus on Humanities
Focus on the Sciences
Focus on the Professional Schools
Administrative Applications
Multimedia and the Macintosh
News & Notes

Each section contains material relating to applications in instruction,
applications in research, project reports, and questions and solutions
for readers.

Wheels is a very strong communication piece for higher education. It is
very appealing to faculty as it is written by their colleagues. However,
it is only viable and important if we receive articles covering the most
current projects at college campuses. You are our closest conduit to
universities. Let faculty know about Wheels and encourage them to send
in articles.

We are finishing up work on the march issue of Wheels, which will focus
on the use of Macintosh in business schools. The following issue will
focus on the humanities; however, stories from any discipline are always

Guidelines: Send articles or reports on disk with a hard copy.
MacWrite--the oldest and simplest software!--is preferred. We strongly
encourage the submission of graphics, line art, diagrams, and charts to
accompany the article. These sould be sent on disk and with captions.

We now include a small bio and photo of our contributors. Please ensure
that contributors include a black and white photo and a brief, two-line

Send diskettes to:

Chris Kim
Apple Computer
19925 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014
AppleLink: Kim1

The projected calendar for the next three issues is:
Friday, April 7: Article submission deadline; Humanities focus
Monday, May 22: Article submission deadline;Future technologies
Monday, July 27: Article submission deadline; Focus TBA

_Wheels for the Mind_ is a great resource for you and your higher
education customers. Help us continue to profile the best successes
your faculty are experiencing with Macintosh.

Thanks for your help.