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Tue, 14 Mar 89 20:01:49 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 722. Tuesday, 14 Mar 1989.

(1) Date: Tue, 14 Mar 89 06:32 CST (15 lines)
From: Robin Smith <RSMITH@KSUVM>
Subject: Terminal emulators

(2) Date: 14-MAR-1989 17:33:13 (22 lines)
Subject: re: contacts in Norway

(3) Date: Tue, 14 Mar 89 06:54:00 EST (55 lines)
From: david tomlinson <>
Subject: XWORD

(4) Date: Tue, 14 Mar 89 09:28:00 EST (39 lines)
From: david tomlinson <>
Subject: communications

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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 89 06:32 CST
From: Robin Smith <RSMITH@KSUVM>
Subject: Terminal emulators

In response to the recent query about satisfactory terminal emulators, if the
only problems are such things as getting PF keys to work correctly, then even
the lowly (public-domain) Kermit can handle that readily. I use MS-Kermit both
from my home PC (at 1200 baud) and an office link (at 9600); it's not overly
fancy, but it does what needs to be done, handles file transfer with the main-
frame (using a mainframe Kermit), and is locally supported for free. The 'set
key' function can be used to attach whatever sequences are necessary to the PF
keys to get them to have their usual effects (and many installations provide
versions with all this built in, through an appropriate .INI file). If some
other institution is willing to make their machine accessible to you, then pre-
sumably they would help you with something like this.
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Date: 14-MAR-1989 17:33:13
Subject: re: contacts in Norway

The Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities based in
Bergen produce a journal on computing in the humanities published
three times a year. Each issue contains some articles in English
and English abstracts of the rest of the material.

The people who produce the journal (called Humanistiske Data)
would welcome foreign subscribers and contributers.

The editor name, address etc is:

Kristin Natvig, Editor
Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities
P.O. Box 53 - Universitetet
N-5027 Bergen


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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 89 06:54:00 EST
From: david tomlinson <>
Subject: XWORD

Another text translation package for use on the PC and compatibles is WORD FOR
WORD. I have had good luck in using it. The newest version is 4.0 and allows
conversion to and from the following formats:
ASCII (Smart)
ASCII (Standard)
Communications Format
DisplayWrite (DCA/RFT)
IBM Writing Assistant 1.0
Microsoft Word 3.0,3.1
Microsoft Word 4.0
Microsoft Rich Text Format
MultiMate 3.3
MultiMate Advantage 3.6
MultiMate Advantage II
OfficeWriter 4.0
OfficeWriter 5.0
OfficeWriter 6.0
PFS: First Choice 1.0
PFS: First Choice 2.0
PFS: Professional Write 1.0
PFS: Professional Write 2.0
PFS: Write version C
Volkswriter 1 1.0
Volkswriter Deluxe 2.2
WordPerfect 3.0
WordPerfect 4.1
WordPerfect 4.2
WordPerfect 5.0
WordStar 3.3,3.1
WordStar 3.45
WordStar 4.0
XyWrite III
XyWrite III Plus

I think the retail price is around $150; on the other hand, deep discounts
reduced the price we paid to under $100. Usually COMPUTER SHOPPER magazine
will list a number of places where software goes for less than full retail.

Let me also mention that SPRINT, the Borland word processor, contains a
massive file conversion capability of its own. WordPerfect 5.0 has a utility
program to convert many formats to WordPerfect. While the WordPerfect
conversion is one way, from the alien format to WordPerfect, the SPRINT
utility allows conversion both to SPRINT and to any of the other supported

No matter which one of the conversion systems you use, you are bound to find
that some special characters do not get handled. Still, using the systems
saves considerable time.

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Date: Tue, 14 Mar 89 09:28:00 EST
From: david tomlinson <>
Subject: communications

From: David Tomlinson

In reply to Charles Ess' query about communications packages.

1. Apparently the difficulty you have with PROCOMM+ is the lack
of programmable macro keys. If the terminal emulation you are
using is ANSI-BBS, VT-100 or VT-52, you might wish to try BOYAN
4.0. The number of available macro keys approaches 200. You
should have few problems making the program work to your

2. PROCOMM+, on the other hand, can emulate a wider variety of
terminals though it does not supply so many macros.

3. They Boyan program is available on BBS nationwide as a
shareware product. If you are unable to find it on a bulletin
board near you, you can call the Boyan support board (919)682-

4. The registered version of the program is available from
Justin Boyan
BOYAN Communications
9458 Two Hills Court
Columbia, MD 21045-3228

Registration alone $40.00
Registration and disks $55.00
Printed user's manual $10.00

5. I would suggest downloading a copy of the program first and
seeing whether it meets your needs. You will need to print out
the extensive manual which comes with the download.