CALL survey (54)

Fri, 17 Mar 89 23:02:25 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 736. Friday, 17 Mar 1989.

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 89 04:27:25 EST

Subject: C.A.L.L. Survey of Humanist institutions.

It appears fairly reasonable to me, a cairn's throw from the
Moors of Northern England, to state that an up-to-date, comprehensive
survey of Computer-Assisted Language Teaching software USAGE at the
Undergraduate level ( either class or individual study materials )
does not exist at present. I make this assertion after plowing
through numerous journals, collected papers, etc., which almost
invariably reflect isolated developments.
What I am proposing, a propos Lou Bernard's database query is
the co-operation of fellow Humanists in reporting the various
language teaching software packages used by departments at their
respective universities and colleges regularly and "happily".
Hopefully, replies will be sent directly to me, so as not to
further clog e-mail boxes of those disinterested.
I have been given a small endowment to collate the
information received and for further correspondence by
regular post. Hopefully the survey will result in a
catalog which may prove of interest to departments
embarking upon computer-assisted teaching. Such a catalog
might be posted in the Humanist fileserver or the Yearbook.
Details reported should be simple:
mention of foreign language
name of package/application
name of tutor using it
machine it runs on
comments/critique on package

I will endeavour to acknowledge all replies. Thank you.
My addresses:
Mr. William F. Oleske
Technical Manager
Central Language Laboratory
The University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT