new discussion group (36)

Mon, 20 Mar 89 20:59:52 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 744. Monday, 20 Mar 1989.

Date: 20 Mar 89 14:09:57 EST
From: Malcolm Hayward <MHAYWARD@IUP.BITNET>
Subject: Discussion Group for Journal Editors

I intend to start a list called EDITOR for those directly
concerned with the editing and publishing of scholarly
journals. While anyone is certainly welcome to join, the
main audience of the list will be editors of scholarly
journals in the humanities. The primary purpose will be to
exchange information on computer use in editing, journal
management, and production. In addition, the list will allow
the timely display of information on such topics as special
numbers and the exchange of advertisements, and, of course,
discussion of such topics as may arise, from library policies
to copyrights to blind reviews.

At this point I intend EDITOR to be a moderated list
appearing once a week. I am assuming not much traffic at
first. If circumstances change, I will adjust.

For starters, if you are interested in joining such a list,
drop me a line with your name, Netmail address, and, if you
are connected with a journal, the name of the journal. The
first thing I will do is make a mailing list. Next, if you
have any questions or concerns or comments to start the ball
rolling, send those along too. Mail should be sent to