micro-OCP (39)

Mon, 20 Mar 89 21:09:30 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 748. Monday, 20 Mar 1989.

Date: 20 Mar 89 11:39:54 EDT (Mon)
From: Daniel Ridings <ridings@hum.gu.se>
Subject: No. 656 and Micro-OCP

With reference to Sebastian Rahtz's complaints about my
lengthy notes on problems with OCP, I would like to point
out that I have addressed the problem with Micro-OCP directly
to OUP without receiving a response. The bug is there as
anyone can confirm by running the example in Humanist Vol. 2 no.
652. OUP has placed an expensive price tag on OCP. I interpreted
this as a signal that they intend to support the product and I
expect they will. The only responses from OUP thus far have
followed inquiries to Humanist, however.

Sebatian wondered why anyone would use OCP. There are certainly
many answers and any humanist would be able to give quite a few,
most of which can be gleaned from the index of the OCP-manual. But
probably the most important aspect is that the program is designed
to be used even by the computer novice. The command language is
simple and describes what one wishes to do in plain English. This
spares us from having to have too much contact with the techie-types
down at the computing center.

In daily life I am quite used to the contempt shown for the
humanities and the attitudes which question one's choice of
study. I really had not expected in a forum for humanists that
the Greek I used would be called "martian".

I apologize for the late response. Sweden has been cut off from
the BITNET world until just recently.