Latin texts, cont. (32)

Mon, 27 Mar 89 20:14:38 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 771. Monday, 27 Mar 1989.

Date: Mon, 27 Mar 89 12:00:24 EST
From: elli@harvunxw.BITNET (Elli Mylonas)
Subject: Latin texts

The problem with Latin seems to be not so much lack of activity in
the field-- I refer to computer activity here, the scholarly aspect
is going strong--but lack of centralization. Bob Kraft mentions
PHI and the Latin version of the TLG. I have the PHI disk with the
Latin texts on it, and am very grateful for it.
But there is not yet a standardized, (more or less) all encompassing
corpus of Latin out there for the asking, like the TLG.
Bob also points out that life is easier for Ibycus users. That is true,
but many of us are not Ibycus users, so the problem is to find
systems that will work for us as well, without having to write them
from scratch. The DeLatte Latin morphological analysis package sounds
great, for example. One has to find a mainframe to run it on... but even
that is possible. What does one have to do to get it?
This discussion of the availablity of Latin and attendant programs online
has actually produced some very fruitful answers. Please keep them
coming--the Latinists out here want to know more.
I still wonder why the Latinists got left in the dust by the Hellenists...

--elli mylonas (