Latin texts, cont. (40)

Thu, 30 Mar 89 20:57:15 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 784. Thursday, 30 Mar 1989.

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 89 07:47:36 PST
From: 6500rms@UCSBUXA.BITNET

I have been away for a while and have come in on the tail
end of the discussion about Latin texts, so please forgive me if
I am rehashing ground that has already been covered.
While I certainly would not claim that there is as much
Latin material available as there is Greek, there is a nice
collection of Latin texts available on the PHI/CCAT CD-ROM.
These texts are in a "standard" format, i.e., that used by the
TLG on their CD-ROM #C, and some programs will work on both these
CD's. Tony Smith's CD-ROM Explorer program seems to work on the
PHI/CCAT CD just as well as on the TLG CD-ROM #C. Also, my own
SEARCHER program, which I have described in a previous message to
HUMANIST, works on at least the Latin texts of the PHI/CCAT disc.
I must admit that our funding and development has been aimed
toward the Greek CD, but that is because the project was started
several years ago when the TLG was pretty much the only game in
town. Now, however, we have several Latinists in our Department
using SEARCHER on the Latin texts, and they are constantly
suggesting changes and improvements which will apply to texts of
both languages. Also, we hope to include features for the
English, Hebrew, and Coptic texts of the PHI/CCAT CD sometime in
the future. So far it is a simple matter of economics; no one
has wanted to use these texts badly enough to obtain funding to
get the software going. Once funding is available, I believe we
have the basic tools ready to be adapted.

Randall Smith
UCSB Department of Classics