obit (45)

Thu, 30 Mar 89 21:22:05 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 787. Thursday, 30 Mar 1989.

Date: 30 March 1989
From: Willard McCarty <>
Subject: obit SPQR

I am very sorry to report that an original and aboriginal spirit has
departed Humanist, Sebastian Rahtz. I am never glad when someone decides
to quit this arena of useful exchanges, vigorous discussion, and
intellectual combat cum lovemaking, but I especially regret the
departure of my friend and constant thorn-in-the-side, who has decided
that our concerns are not his. I had hoped that singlehandedly he would
convince us all of archaeology's rightful place among the computational
humanities, but he has decided not to try any longer. Since I have
reacted publically more to the thorn-pricks than to the friendship, you
may well wonder at this expression of regret and suspect its sincerity.
To remain sane, however, an editor of Humanist must have a severe case
of multiple personalities. Sebastian's network persona was one of mine.

The following has been extracted from his note to me.

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 89 08:01:40 EST
Message-Id: <>
Subject: HUMANIST desubscription

Could you remove my subscription to HUMANIST, please? I feel a bit
bad about this, since I have been faithfully reading it and writing to
it since it started, but I find that it simply occupies too much time
these days to think about whats on there, and 99% of it is irrelevant
to what I do - I'd hate to become `one of the quiet ones'! If my job
ever changes so that I am supposed to know about humanities computing,
I'll resubscribe.

No doubt if you publicise this on HUMANIST, there will be much waving
of hats!