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Sun, 2 Apr 89 13:51:44 EDT

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 788. Sunday, 2 Apr 1989.

(1) Date: Thu, 30 Mar 89 20:13 CST (37 lines)
From: Marshall Gilliland <GILLILAND@SASK.USask.CA>
Subject: A scheme for HUMANIST (48 lines)

(2) Date: 2 Apr 89 09:10:12 EDT (Sun) (28 lines)
From: Daniel Ridings <ridings@hum.gu.se>
Subject: Topics for humanist / LaTeX

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Date: Thu, 30 Mar 89 20:13 CST
From: Marshall Gilliland <GILLILAND@SASK.USask.CA>
Subject: A scheme for HUMANIST (48 lines)

Several recent messages ask about the possibility of bulletin boards,
sub-lists, and some way to know what a message is about before you ar
onto your third screen of text. Willard has explained that LISTSERV
cannot handle such functions or that he simply is unable to handle
any more traffic.

Could we try this scheme awhile and see how well it works:

Suppose you see a message that is labelled "special" and being about a quite
particular topic, such as OCP, Arabic, or scanners; or being about a
controversial topic that you want extended discussion of, such as
Rushdie's book or the best markup system:

SPECIAL My view supporting Iran's position on Rushdie
Send me mail for further discussion: My Name: QUIXOTE@EARTHSEA

(These SPECIAL messages might be bundled together occasionally by the
Editor and sent to HUMANIST.)

When My Name gets a reply, he creates a small mail distribution list,
that his mailer can handle, and circulates his views to those people
who respond to the message. The responders could, in turn, duplicate
this distribution list on their mailers.

Such a scheme as the above one has the effect of any member creating a
sub-list for what is likely to be a short period of time. We all on
HUMANIST would know of postings sent to HUMANIST and we can join in
or ignore discussions. After the discussion seems to have run its
course, My Name might consider sending a summary of the discussion
to HUMANIST or might announce the availability of a summary to those
who write him for one.

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Date: 2 Apr 89 09:10:12 EDT (Sun)
From: Daniel Ridings <ridings@hum.gu.se>
Subject: Topics for humanist / LaTeX

Sebastian is right of course. This media does not really lend itself
to long articles --- not that I mind if they appear since even the
longest scroll off the screen in a matter of seconds. I suppose I have
the same attitude as many university librarians who are satisfied if one
single person reads a purchased book since the vast majority are never
even opened. If there is someone out there who appreciates a long
article, fine. I do like to see the clips from other lists such as
OFFLINE or the like. I don't have time for other lists and appreciate
the glimpses of what is out there.
Cute little jokes from Sebastian? Why not? If I want to get
bored I know right where to go and without his irritating comments
Humanist might become one of those places.

By the way, does anyone know how I can get LaTeX's footnote macro
to refrain from assigning catcodes to the tokens of an argument until
the argument is plugged into the body of the macro? Silvio Levy's
greekmode-macro juggles around the codes so that if Greek appears in
a footnote and TeX assigns catcodes to the tokens as it reads them,
the Greek text has the wrong codes assigned when one switches over
to Tgreekmode.

Sorry about that ... but if we can discuss maggots on bow-ties or
ducks on a wall or what ever we were to have as a sign of
recognition ...