18C: eighteenth century studies and Bitnet (32)

Thu, 6 Apr 89 19:28:32 EDT

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 809. Thursday, 6 Apr 1989.

Date: Thu, 06 Apr 89 10:09:36 CDT
From: Steve Dill <UGA108@SDNET>
Subject: 18C, Bitnet report

To those of you who have expressed an intesest in the progress of
Bitnet and eighteenth century studies, I have a report to make
about the New Orleans conference of ASECS. It is, in fact, a non-
report in the sense that not much "active" interest was expressed,
although there seemed to be plenty of passive interest. A demonstration
to be conducted by the Tulane University computer center was
cancelled because only six participants appeared.

However, Bitnet was called to the attention of the membership in
a number of ways. I placed notices everywhere I could find a place
and Bitnet and electronic journals were strongly recommended at a
session on journal publishing. If nothing else, Bitnet got some
good press.

I believe that a session on electronic journals is now called for
at a future ASECS meeting. I have requested a session at the next
annual meeting, again to demonstrate Bitnet.

Regards to all,