3.3: Greek fonts, cont. (34)

Sun, 7 May 89 21:05:53 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 3. Sunday, 7 May 1989.

Date: Sat, 6 May 89 15:06 EDT
Subject: Greek fonts

There is in the public domain a font-printer/formatter for Epson printers
called BRADFORD which I know has both Greek and Hebrew fonts. I have used
neither. You can pick up the program and the fonts from any bulletin board.
I know there is a CP/M version, and there has to be a DOS version too. The
program is shareware, so there won't be source code available. But the whole
deal costs maybe $10. There is another NLQ font package for Epson printers
in the public domain called EPSET. I know very little about it.

For the DEC LA50 and compatibles there is a font-editor and formatter in
the public domain. The editor is called FEDIT, and although I don't think
the author, Chris Hall, has written Greek or Hebrew fonts, they would be
trivial to create using FEDIT. FPRINT, the font printer and formatter which
goes with FEDIT is excellent, and I use it for everything. Mr. Hall has
written some 25 or 30 fonts for it, mostly similar to Mac fonts. The source
code (in Aztec C) is in the public domain, and can be easily modified for
other printers. (This would probably only involve entering the codes for
setting your printer into graphics mode and for firing the individual print
elements in the printer head.) I use the CP/M version. Obviously since
the source code is available versions for DOS or any other operating system
for which a C compiler is available would be easy to make.