3.40 Chinese on a PC (36)

Wed, 17 May 89 19:42:18 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 40. Wednesday, 17 May 1989.

Date: Wed, 17 May 89 13:02:01 EDT
From: cbf%faulhaber.Berkeley.EDU@jade.berkeley.edu (Charles Faulhaber)
Subject: Re: 3.35 queries (134)

In re Chinese on the PC:

The Research Library Group has just announced a "multi-language workstation"
specifically for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean which is compatible with
Am. Library Association standards. It is essentially an AT with a
special keyboard.

They are marketing it as a turnkey system for $6066: system unit,
ASCII keyboard, CJK keyboard, CJK rom board, software and Epson
LQ850 printer.

For more information:

RLIN Information Center
Research Libraries Group
1200 Villa Street
Mountain View, CA. 94041-1100

Connie Gould of RLG (bl.ccg@rlg.bitnet)
can probably offer more information.

[Watch out for Brushwriter (on Macs and PCs) at our software and
hardware fair, Tools for Humanists, this June in Toronto. --W.M.]