3.51 walking tour; supercomputing (133)

Fri, 19 May 89 23:43:03 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 51. Friday, 19 May 1989.

(1) Date: 19 May 1989 (42 lines)
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: Walking Tour, and other matters

(2) Date: 18 May 89 09:35:42 ET (71 lines)
From: "Nancy J. Frishberg" <NANCYF@ibm.com>
Subject: IBM Supercomputing Competition

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Date: 19 May 1989
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: Walking Tour, and other matters

Those of you who have registered for our conference, The Dynamic Text,
will have been told about a trip on Saturday, 10 June, to Niagara Falls,
where a great volume of water tumbles a considerable distance and makes
much noise and mist. I am planning a counter-cultural event to
complement this most excellent tour, and also to compete with it. It is
designed for those of you with more humble, pedestrian desires. It is a
Walking Tour of our city.

The Walk will begin at the University reasonably early on Saturday
morning. We will stroll south through some interesting neighborhoods,
and after approximately an hour will arrive at St. Lawrence Market,
where we will eat breakfast at one of the most entertaining places I
know of. (St. Lawrence Market is, I am told, like what the Covered
Market in Oxford used to be before it was boutique-ified and thus
ruined.) After eating and watching people and listening to music, we'll
walk over to the ferry docks and take one of the boats across to Toronto
Island. We'll then make our way across the Island (about another hour's
walk, or longer if we decide to rest) to the opposite end, where further
refreshments can be obtained from a charming restaurant that will remind
some of you of your foolish youth. Then we'll take another ferry back to
the docks on the mainland, from which we can walk back to the university
along another route.

If you are interested, bring a good pair of walking shoes, a bit of
money for the food and ferry passage, and whatever gear you are
accustomed to have along on a jaunt. The Island is a wonderful place to
take photos, as is the Market. Do not expect a terribly learned tour.
I have a guidebook to our urban architecture but will not have
memorized its contents in time.

A sign-up sheet will be available at the registration desk.

Toronto is now pleasantly warm, ca. 20-25 degrees C. By early June it
should be quite warm and humid, perhaps even hot. If the weather turns
suddenly, I will post a notice here.

Willard McCarty
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Date: 18 May 89 09:35:42 ET
From: "Nancy J. Frishberg" <NANCYF@ibm.com>
Subject: IBM Supercomputing Competition




Cash Awards for Outstanding Work
Large Scale Computer Analysis and Modeling

The IBM Corporation and IBM Canada Ltd.
are sponsoring the
1989 IBM 3090 Supercomputing Competition

IBM invites authors from industry, research and academia to submit
papers in competition for major cash awards. The competition will be
for First, Second and Third Prizes in each of four divisions:

The divisions are:

1) Physical Science and Mathematics
2) Engineering
3) Life and Health Sciences
4) Social Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts

The prizes in each division are:

First Prize - $25,000 US
Second Prize - 15,000 US
Third Prize - 10,000 US

An additional $10,000 will be awarded to universities that provide
substantial assistance to 1st Prize papers.

All papers must describe analysis and modeling work done using an IBM
3090 Supercomputer as the primary computational system. Judging will be
by panels of noted non-IBM experts in each division. Winning and other
selected papers will be published in IBM's PROCEEDINGS: 1989 IBM 3090
Supercomputing Competition

To enter the competition, authors must submit an abstract by October 2,
1989. All necessary information is provided in the General Information
Brochure which may be obtained from your local IBM Branch Office or by
contacting one of the Competition Administrators:

In the United States:
IBM Corporation Dept 72/BNG
44 S. Broadway
White Plains, NY 10601-4495
(914) 686-6318

In Canada:
IBM Canada Ltd. Dept 2/645
245 Consumers Road
North York, Ontario M2J1S2
(416) 758-4136

A preliminary abstract and registration must be postmarked by October 2,
1989. Final papers must be received by January 15, 1990. Results of
the competition will be announced by March 1, 1990.


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