3.71 scholarly computing, cont. (35)

Sat, 27 May 89 00:20:58 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 71. Saturday, 27 May 1989.

Date: Fri, 26 May 89 09:55:00 EDT
From: MLAOD@CUVMB.bitnet
Subject: Micro applications for scholarly research

Humanities scholars who make heavy use of printed indexes and
annual bibliographies might be lured to the microcomputer (modem-
equipped) by a demonstration of the various electronic databases
available to them. These include the Arts & Humanities Citation
Index, Historical Abstracts, Linguistics and Language Behavior
Abstracts, Religion Index, Humanities Index, the MLA Biblio-
graphy, and many others.

You can get further information about the joys of online access
to bibliographic data from your fellow node-mate and Humanist
group member Anita Lowry at Columbia's Butler Library.

Meanwhile, I wonder if you would be willing to articulate your
reasons for wishing to attract humanities professors to com-
puters. We all know that there are good reasons indeed, but what
do you plan to do with these electronic innocents once you have
enticed them to the micros? The answer to that question could
help prompt additional suggestions to your request.

Daniel Uchitelle <MLAOD@CUVMB>
Modern Language Association