3.88 Dynamic Text bulletin: share a ride? (28)

Thu, 1 Jun 89 23:18:17 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 88. Thursday, 1 Jun 1989.

Date: 1 June 89, 15:16:25 MEZ
From: Gerd Willee 0228 - 73 5620 UPK000 at DBNRHRZ1

I've a similar problem as David Chisholm, as it has been distributed
today in HUMANIST: How to come from the airport to the conference
buildings for a modest fee.

Therefore my similar call:

Who will arrive on Sunday afternoon(July 4th) in Toronto airport,
wishing to share a taxi to the conference buildings?
I'll arrive at 16.40 (Lufthansa from Duesseldorf).
Interested taxi sharers can address directly to UPK000 at
DBNRHRZ1.Bitnet, I'll look in my mailbox on Saturday afternoon
(local time) last try.


Gerd Willee.