3.95 Dynamic Text bulletin: travel (64)

Sat, 3 Jun 89 13:16:31 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 95. Saturday, 3 Jun 1989.

Date: Sat, 03 Jun 89 08:56:51 EDT
From: Ian Lancashire <IAN@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: Travel from Toronto airport downtown

If you aren't burdened by more luggage than you can carry,
the best way to get into Toronto from the airport is by bus to
the subway system, and then by subway downtown.

Buses leave both terminals 1 and 2 to the ISLINGTON subway
stop (on the Bloor street line) every 40 minutes. You buy
a ticket ($4.50 Canadian) on the arrivals level before getting
on. Terminal 1 is quite overcrowded. That is the reason we have
not recommended it to you. But as long as you brave the
surging crowds and know what you want to do, getting out of
Terminal 1 isn't hard. Terminal 2 (Air Canada, Lufthansa, and
other airlines) is more spacious and less congested.

Once you arrive by bus at the ISLINGTON subway station (Bay
no. 5), you proceed to the eastbound train. A ticket or token costs
$1.10 Canadian (exact change NOT needed, but Canadian funds ARE needed).

Travellers heading to the Park Plaza Hotel, the university
residences, and the Westbury Hotel should do as follows:

PARK PLAZA: get off at St. George Station (east door,
Bedford Road) and walk one block east on Bloor St.
to Avenue Road and Bloor St., where the hotel

UNIVERSITY RESIDENCES: get off at St. George Station (WEST door,
St. George St., and walk about two and a half blocks
south to 100 St. George St. (the conference centre,
Sidney Smith Hall). Southwards, by the way, is towards
the large CN Tower in the distance (left as you exit the

WESTBURY: get off at Yonge St. Station and transfer (no additional
cost) to Yonge St. train going SOUTH. Proceed several
stops to COLLEGE St. Station and exit on the east side of
Yonge St., where the hotel stands.

Total cost: $5.60. Total time (from departure from airport): 30 minutes
to ISLINGTON Station, and another 35-50 minutes to your subway stop.

Two kinds of taxis are available from the airport: limousines and
ordinary cabs. I would take a cab and expect a fare of about $30-$35.

There is also a bus to the Royal York Hotel (opposite the downtown
central railway station). From here you would take a cab to your
hotel or take the subway north to COLLEGE St. Station or to St. GEORGE
St. Station (you have to transfer to the Bloor St. line to get to

Have a speedy, comfortable, and safe trip. Bon voyage.