3.108 ALLC report on German texts (129)

Wed, 7 Jun 89 21:50:34 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 108. Wednesday, 7 Jun 1989.

Date: Sat, 3 Jun 89 15:00 MST
From: "DAVID CHISHOLM, GERMAN DEPT., (602) 621-5924/621-7385"
Subject: ALLC Report on German Texts

Tucson, Arizona 85721

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of German

(602) 621-5924 or 621-7385
Bitnet: chisholm@arizrvax

May 19, 1989

Dear ALLC member:

As chairman of the ALLC Specialist Group for Post-Renaissance
German texts, I am in the process of gathering information about

German texts since 1700 in machine-readable form and about
computer-assisted projects on post-Renaissance German (including

Language, Literature, and Language Pedagogy) initiated or under
way since January 1985.

Please send me information about the status of your projects if
you wish to have them mentioned in the ALLC Journal. It will be

helpful if the following information is included:

1) Title and brief description of your project.
2) List of the texts used (include authors, titles,
publisher and date of publication), plus any coding
information you consider relevant.
3) When was the project started and when do you expect it
to be completed?
4) List of publications based on your project.
5) Planned or forthcoming publications based on your
6) Information on programs and computers used for your

If you know of any other projects on post-Renaissance German
texts and computer-assisted instruction in German, I would
appreciate hearing about them. Please see the questionnaire on
the next page.

Your prompt reply will be very much appreciated.

David Chisholm
Professor of German


1. A number of institutions now maintain archives of German
texts in machine-readable form: the Institut fr deutsche
Sprache in Mannheim, the Institut fr Kommunikationsforschung
und Phonetik in Bonn, the Oxford University Computing
Service, the Humanities Research Center at Brigham Young
University in Utah, and the Language Research Center at the
University of Arizona. Do you know of any other institutions

maintaining computer archives of post-Renaissance German
texts? (Please use an extra sheet if necessary.)

Institution and address:

Type and approximate number of texts:

2. Have you personally prepared German texts in machine-readable

form? If so, are you willing to put them at the disposal of

other researchers (e.g., by submitting a copy to one of the
existing computer archives)? Under what conditions, if any?

Texts (specify titles, format, non-textual coding features
such as syntax, and other information which you consider

3. Indicate the type of connection you would like to have with
the ALLC specialist group:

I am willing to take an active part in the work
within the group.

I wish to receive information on the work carried out

in the group.

4. Comments on how the work in the specialist group should be

5. Other comments and suggestions: