3.130 sharing students' texts (49)

Sat, 17 Jun 89 15:19:26 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 130. Saturday, 17 Jun 1989.

Date: 16 Jun 89 10:14:12 ET
From: "Nancy J. Frishberg" <NANCYF@ibm.com>
Subject: Invitation forwarded from Texas Tech

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>From "Kemp, Fred O." <ykfok@TTACS1.TTU.EDU>
Subject RE: YKLNK

A few of us who are actively engaged in sharing student text
between campuses using wide-area networks such as bitnet or
internet (or by other means) are joining in what I call a
"discussion loop," or an ongoing polylogue about our difficulties
and triumphs (few though they may be). The process is simple.
Any comments to be made are sent on bitnet to YKLNK@TTACS or on
internet to YKLNK@TTACS1.TTU.EDU. That's to one of my accounts
here at Texas Tech University. I chop out some unnecessary
header information and forward the comment to a multiple address
list. By handling things this way the everyday user doesn't have
to worry with subconferences or command structures or anything,
just a message to the above address (or a REPLY will work). As
the address list expands, I simply add more addresses to the
address file. Some of the people currently sharing information
and making knowledge this way are Trent Batson, Geoff Sirc, Dawn
Rodrigues, Wayne Butler, Larry Hunt, Michael Marx, Joel Nydahl,
Mark Seiden, Diane Thompson, Janet Eldred, and others, and the
schools involved are the University of Texas, Colorado State
University, Skidmore, Gallaudet, Texas Tech, Minnesota, Babson, U
of Kentucky, etc.

We call the discussion loop "CampusLink" and would prefer to keep
the guest list down to those who actively are or are planning to
work up some kind of intercampus text and syllabus sharing. The
ideas shared are potent and occasionally radical. If you are
teaching on-line with students either piped into a mainframe or
with a local-area network with some kind of connectivity to a
mainframe and bitnet or internet, OR planning to do some of this,
then give me a call at the above addresses.

Fred Kemp
Texas Tech University