3.133 MLA bibliography, cont. (36)

Sat, 17 Jun 89 15:24:54 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 133. Saturday, 17 Jun 1989.

Date: Fri, 16 Jun 89 10:14:04 PDT
From: Walter Piovesan <USERVINO@SFU.BITNET>
Subject: MLA bibliography con't

Re: Charles Faulhaber's comments on the MLA Bibliography.

There is a another solution, which I think, would go a long way
in addressing the various needs of researchers. And that is for the
MLA to provide the product on tape for loading into local
database services. This would allow for local distributed access
whether by a cash poor student or grant rich researcher. Furthermore
having the the product provided on tape would allow installation on
a various DBMS, allow for easy access without leaving one's office
to trudge to the library to use its CD-ROM versiuon etc. It also
offers greater flexibilty over CD-ROM, and does not tie people into
expensive specialized hardware.

Distributing the MLA in a tape format is something the members
may wish to pursue. I have had a number of requests from professors
and others to have the MLA available on a local database as the
the library has done for ERIC, PyscInfo, Grolier Ency, etc.

I would like to see the product so distributed. The MLA has never
really offered an explaination as to why it is not made available
to universities in such a format. After all it is sold to database
vendors such as DIALOG and BRS in such a format.