3.164 spell-checking (35)

Fri, 23 Jun 89 18:20:53 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 164. Friday, 23 Jun 1989.

Date: Fri, 23 Jun 89 10:05:00 EDT
Subject: RE: 3.143 divers comments (109)

I am responding to the discussion about spell-checking. Word-Perfect in fact
not only accepts foreign words, but also HAS foreign language spell-checkers.
The WP 4.2 did also, but for Italian, at least, is quite poor; the person
setting up the dictionary wrote in all accents, which is only done on the
final tonic syllable in Italian. I have not had a chance to check the 5.0
version for Italian, or any other language. Perhaps someone who has can

For style, I have heard that a parser for German is nearing completion. My
source for this is JRUSSELL@SBCCMAIL (John Russell at Stony Brook). I don't
know how it will be used, or if it is available (or will be available) to the
public. There are rave reviews about Syste'me-D for writing in French;
again, our French colleagues would be better equipped to respond.

I hope this is of interest. I will follow further postings carefully as I
too am interested in style-checking, particularly as a possible tool for
undergraduate writing.

Leslie Morgan (MORGAN@LOYVAX)
Asst. Prof. of Italian
Loyola College, Baltimore MD