3.169 microform scanning (22)

Sun, 25 Jun 89 19:31:14 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 169. Sunday, 25 Jun 1989.

Date: SAT 24 JUN 1989 13:28:00 CDT
From: Jim McSwain <F0A8@USOUTHAL>
Subject: re: comment on Kraft/microform scanning

Very interesting hardware note; I could use it to convert material
from the Pollard & Redgrave, Wing or 18th C. STC projects to digital
form, except all represent major capital investments by corporations
and or alleged non-profit or inefficiently run gov. archives, libraries
etc. who seek to recoup their investments. Won't this conversion
invite copyright lawsuits or infringement problems, etc.? If your
conscience allowed you could do it privately, but surely a center at
one's university would gain legal attention quickly?? Hope it will be