3.222 Humanist's biographies: help! (34)

Sat, 8 Jul 89 16:48:32 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 222. Saturday, 8 Jul 1989.

Date: Sat, 08 Jul 89 12:47:27 CDT
From: Steven J. DeRose <D106GFS@UTARLVM1>
Subject: Humanist biographies again

The Humanist biographies have reached a pretty good state of
organization. There is a HyperCard stack which displays them
nicely, with appropriate indexing, search, etc., and which can
write them out either in SGML or as formatted text files.

However, the later supplements still need to be added; this
involves adding some tags to each biography, a task which several
Humanists helped with earlier. I've been asked to complete the
database quickly, so would appreciate any volunteers who could
spend an hour or so to tag one file of biographies each. I have
a file of tagging instructions, and it really is a pretty quick and
straightforward task; it just gets large if one person has to do it
all.... Any volunteers who can get to it quickly (say, within about
a week) would be *extremely* appreciated (and, of course, will be
appreciatively cited in the stack). Please contact me directly
if you can help, and I'll send you a file to do.

Many thanks,

Steve DeRose