3.228 computing and the classics (28)

Sat, 8 Jul 89 16:55:51 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 228. Saturday, 8 Jul 1989.

Date: THU 06 JUL 1989 15:19:00 CDT
From: Jim McSwain <F0A8@USOUTHAL>

Please note THE CLASSICAL BULLETIN, vol. 65 (nos. 1&2 1989), is
devoted to "Computers and the Study of Greek & Latin Classics."
Among the useful and interesting articles in this issue is "Greek-
English Word Processing" by Michael J. Harstad which examines in
detail software such as 'ChiWriter' and 'DuangJan.' Also worth-
while is "Telecommunications and the Classics" by Jeffrey L. Buller.
In addition to a glossary of technical terms and what off-line
databases offer, it contains vendor addresses, public access and
commercial services (CompuServe, etc.), as well as information on
databases with access costs, phone numbers and so forth. Footnotes
and bibliographies provide the curious further channels and sources
of information. And of course for HUMANIST participants the articles
illuminate the way in which classics scholars are making the transition
to working with machine-based information.