3.235 on scanning (27)

Mon, 10 Jul 89 21:41:16 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 235. Monday, 10 Jul 1989.

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 89 08:11:55 EDT
From: Rudolf WYTEK <Z00WYR01@AWIUNI11.bitnet>
Subject: Re: 3.223 scanning and the law (78)

My reply is not about sanning and the law but about scanning and the
humanists. At University of Vienna we had until now three tentative
tests of scanners (also Kurzuweil) and our humanists came until now
always to the conclusion to wait some (5 or so) years longer, since
the bad printing quality of the interesting older originals surpasses the
possibilities of the scanners currently on market. Our Indogermanists,
Tibetologists, Egyptologists, Numismatologists,
'Paper mill water sign'ologists, clinical psychologists and last but
not least our historians are very eager to use these possibilities,
but until now we see no practical chance for the unspecialized
humanist to use it effectively. In my opinion until now it will bring
mostly a transfer of workload and not a real bettering of the common
situation. But maybe we Austrians are again some years behind you in
the USA. Nice greetings from Vienna, RWY.