3.267 database software, cont. (28)

Wed, 19 Jul 89 19:12:42 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 267. Wednesday, 19 Jul 1989.

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 89 09:02:02 PLT
From: "Guy L. Pace" <PACE@WSUVM1>
Subject: Database software, Etc.

My thanks to Sperberg_McQueen for bringing up DataPerfect. I've demonstrated
that program to several people and departments recently. It's a flexible,
powerful database management environment, and very underrated in the database
field. I designed my own accounting system, order entry screens,
and a simple bibliographic database/notetaker with DataPerfect. So far,
there have been no bugs, no crashes, no errors. Importing and exporting is
much easier than with dBase. Since I have no experience with SSI Data, I
cannot comment on past sins. However, DataPerfect works well and the manual
is well designed and written. The manual, by the way, is in two parts. One
part is for the system designer, the other is for the user. There are
excellent tutorials as well.

Another thanks to Willard for the word list from OUP. I'm going over the
words, puzzling out when was the first time I heard or read them. What